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recently seen at tufts: louis in a fcuker shirt. get yours at cafepress. only the cool kids have them. ;-)
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average louis sleep: five to seven hours
this semester's average louis sleep: ten to fifteen hours

i think i may be addicted to how to buy shares of amazon caffeine... i've cut off my coffee supply drastically this semester, and my sleep has increased a lot. life with more sleep is more boring.
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less talk. more rock.
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the blog scene isn't the happy place it once was... aryn is lonely. noah is offline. maurice is sad overall. ken isn't posting consistently. maybe i'm just online too much... i don't know, honestly. as always, when in doubt, i work more.

i work to avoid reality. i work to avoid what's going on around me. i work to avoid instant messenger. i work to avoid my schoolwork. i work when everything else isn't working. lately, i've been working a lot. i think i'll go back to investing amazon stock work now.
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two new photos
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Oh, I totally don't agree with the campaign. But, one of the only ways PETA gets any attention is through controversy (a good example), so I think that is a huge reason why campaigns such as these pass the approval committee. Any news is good news, right?
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for clarification purposes, i was bashing the campaign, not PETA in particular.
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Feeling an obligation to defend PETA's campaign, but not wanting to support this particular campaign, here is some more information, not from an animal rights group, that is the basis and reason for any "no milk" campaign. If you want more information, please contact me. Dairy products are a controversial subject still, but personally being allergic to dairy and still pushed to have dairy products (I'm vegan), I'd like to give anyone who's interested in how does amazon investment work facts on the other side of the spectrum that are both interesting and helpful in anyone's life.
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nine new photos
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conundrum - web theory
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PETA was encouraging students to drink beer, not milk, because of beer's nutritional benefits. so all of those people i know who have 'beer guts' really have 'milk guts'?
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when i'm looking for reliable nutrition information, i head to Tufts Nutrition, not PETA.